Zawgyi Unicode Transliterate Rules

Open source Zawgyi Unicode transliterate / convert regular expression rules in JSON and JavaScript formats using @DagonMetric/ng-translit.

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  • High performance, reliable, accurate and perfect Zawgyi to Unicode and Unicode to Zawgyi conversion rules
  • Fully tested with Myanmar Spelling Book (မြန်မာ စာလုံးပေါင်း သတ်ပုံကျမ်း) data
  • Overlapped characters normalization
  • Space between accented characters normalization
  • Order normalization
  • Specialized conversion on Pahsin (ပါဌ်ဆင့်) and Kinsi (ကင်းစီး)
  • Auto checking and converting between 'ဉ' (\u1009) and 'ဥ' (\u1025)
  • Auto checking and converting from 'ဦ' (\u1025\u102E) to 'ဦ' (\u1026)
  • Deep checking and converting between '၀' (သုည \u1040) and 'ဝ' (ဝလုံး \u101D)
  • Customizable on/off rule parsing with when and skip options
  • 100% code coverage unit tested

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